Adidas is on the rise to become the number one brand for athletic apparel in their market. When Adidas wanted to promote their new women’s Ultraboost X sneaker as the premier running shoe for women, they wanted an effective way to reach an audience with a compelling video spot. The brand called on National Experiential to put together a strategy to dominate the streets.

To promote the Adidas Ultraboost X shoe, National Experiential launched an ambitious projection campaign. Simultaneously, during a single evening, during Fashion Week in NYC, and the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, National Experiential dominated the streets with bright colorful images, launching four Laser Projection teams in each market. With custom scouting and local culture insights in place to increase brand exposure and consumer interaction, National Experiential could not be missed on the streets and delivered a message with over 100,000 lumens of light and inspiring content.

By saturating each market with multiple teams in high-traffic, nightlife urban areas, National Experiential generated tens of thousands of of unique impressions. Many consumers expressed a desire to try out the new adidas Ultraboost X, as well as their allegiance to the Adidas brand.

How can National Experiential put solutions like this to work for you?

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