Red Bull is always on the cutting edge of out-of the box, next level experiences, keeping their brand top of mind.  With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, the Red Bull brand wanted to reach audiences in a Brooklyn New York nightclub district in a fun, unexpected way.  

National Experiential saw this progressive call as a point to experiment and work with a theme that spoke to a playful and exciting time of year. We knew a static billboard would make a great backdrop to enhance and animate; we just needed a client with vision to break the mold and take a chance.

To ring in the new year, Red Bull & National Experiential would activate a hand-painted, static billboard located in the nexus of Brooklyn’s club scene. By enhancing an already eye catching surface with an iridescent, projection-mapped, animated layer, our team would visualize audience’s New Year’s resolutions, wishes and dreams.  The sub-zero east coast December temperatures did not stop our field team, our equipment, nor did it discourage playful antics on-site at the billboard.

Over the course of the three-night activation, the bright lights of the HD display generated captivated impressions but everyone involved learned something. National Experiential always strives to transforms spaces, and most importantly the lives within those spaces.

How can National Experiential put solutions like this to work for you?

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