TruTv’s: The Chris Gethard Show, approached National Experiential looking for a unique and creative way to increase brand awareness and broaden viewership, National Experiential realized the wild energy of the show’s live remotes could be leveraged to brand awareness and audience building with an experiential tour, bringing fans and passersby on the streets together for live TV magic.

The streets of select cities in the US would become the backdrop for the show’s live remotes and National Experiential unveiled several custom camera ready fabrications; including  a media-streaming enhanced phone-booth retrofitted with custom video chat technology, making possible for fans to talk live on air with Chris, video monitors and signage, all deployed in a different city each week on the road in a wrapped vehicle.   

This live, one of a kind activation, traveled to five, far-flung cities across the country.  At every stop, curious bystanders and fans gathered hoping for a chance to step inside the video booth & chat with Chris.  The excitement and anticipation of the crowd was infectious! And the interaction between participants in the booth and Chris Gethard in the studio was electric, making for great Live Television.

The real star of this activation was the video booth.  The improvised and unscripted interactions it encouraged was inspiring and the impromptu, style of the activation was right in line with the core principles of the Chris Gethard Show….But meanwhile, behind the scenes, the activations were far from improvised, as National Experiential adapted methods for live television production schedules, rehearsals, and a tool-bag full of anything we could think of to make this campaign a success.

How can National Experiential put solutions like this to work for you?

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