Universal Pictures approached National Experiential with a fairly simple task: fabricate an immersive experience teaser for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie The Mummy. It should include a VR theater with twenty 360-haptic VR experience chairs running exclusive custom behind the scenes VR content, a 600lb sarcophagus, and a full sized model C-130 cargo plane. EASY!

The target for the first teaser immersive experience was Austin Texas and the famed SXSW Festival. Universal and National Experiential worked with tight production schedules to unveil the SXSW experience on time and on budget. Over 160,000 people attend the festival each year and for 5 Days, the Mummy VR Experience was what everyone was talking, tweeting and posting about on social media.

National Experiential engineered and designed the internal and external rear cargo and seating areas of the The C-130 Hercules based on Universal Pictures renderings. Using a total of 7 High Powered Digital HD Projectors, curved and flat screens, a real Sarcophagus from the set of the movie and a ton of ingenuity, National Experiential built a replica of the exterior and interior of the military transport aircraft. The addition of 20 Custom built Positron Haptic Gaming Chairs, Oculus Rift Glasses, a Subpac audio system.and some killer VR content transformed Ballroom B at the Austin Convention Center into a Zero Gravity experience from the movie inside a C130 Hercules.

Following the run in Austin, the whole show was immediately packed up and sent to Las Vegas for CinemaCon, wowing ticketed hollywood industry executives.  The event made a scene at major conventions, but what of the broader public? Universal knew this was an experience that had to be shared further and the third and final stop for the The Mummy VR Experience should be 100% free and open to the public, in 30 Rockefeller Plaza in the heart of New York City. National Experiential partnered with NBC/Universal to transform a former NBC Experience retail space in the bedrock of 30 Rock into realistic scenes from the film. For two weeks the site saw tens of thousands visitors, social media shares, and national exposure with a televised feature on NBC’s Today Show.

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