To kick-off the Kleenex brand’s 90th anniversary, National Experiential developed a campaign to refresh a well known household brand, creating a custom experiential event, complete with a massive 12’x12’ LED display, interactive kiosks, all driven by brand ambassador teams. Kleenex commissioned designer merchandising looks by celebrity style icon Isaac Mizrahi. National Experiential worked with the design team to make the colorful designs available on interactive kiosks, allowing users to mix and match the celebrity content to what was displayed on the LED cube, itself a model of an iconic tissue box.  

This one-day activation was held in Grand Central Terminal,  Vanderbilt Hall. National Experiential leveraged venue relationships to gain access to this high traffic destination that sees 750,000 visitors each day.  National Experiential worked within the client’s budget to secure a 24 hour use of space and dovetailed a kinetic production timeline to make full, round the clock, use of the venue.

Deploying skilled fabrication teams and trained brand ambassadors, National Experiential created an out-of-the-box experiential event that literally stopped commuters in their tracks. The client held a special VIP press and learning event on site, bringing audiences closer to a brand they only thought they knew and perhaps took for granted. What resulted was a captivating out-of-the-box experience that brought new life to a time tested brand.

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