Volkswagen of America needed to secure a projection location in New York City for 15 consecutive nights during the New York International Auto Show. The automotive event also coincided with MoMA’s eight-night chronological exploration of the sonic and visual experiments of legendary German electronic band Kraftwerk. Volkswagen; a title sponsor for the concerts and participant in the autoshow, wanted leverage this moment and National Experiential was provided solutions across the board.

National Experiential secured a prime New York City location for 15 consecutive nights of vibrant HD Projections. National Experiential also worked with the VW creative team to engage audiences further by incorporating a custom Twitter feed into projections which featured user generated GIFs content on screen. 50 lucky winners would win tickets to the sold out Kraftwerk shows and content would be displayed on screen. Each night brought hundreds of visitors to the projection site in New York City as they checked the content on screen and made the busy intersection even more frantic. Thousands of impressions were generated over the course of the campaign.

This exhilarating and memorable experience brought Volkswagen’s concert series to the streets of NYC yielding thousands of interactions amongst locals and had hundreds of thousands more checking into Twitter! Consumers whom had interacted with the projections not only voiced a strong allegiance to Volkswagen; but also the desire to attempt to have their tweets projected  amongst the bright lights of NYC.

How can National Experiential put solutions like this to work for you?

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