Facebook was announcing a new product feature: “Order Food”  and presented National Experiential with a challenge; engage the Austin Facebook community in conversation and demo the  “Order Food” feature, build media interactions, and gather user insights surrounding the launch.

The feature enables users to order food from local & national establishments, all directly from the Facebook app, and have it delivered right to their door. Facebook was especially excited to share this feature which promoted Austin’s vibrant local food culture all through a one-stop, on-demand access of the Facebook app. The Facebook creative team turned to National Experiential  to produce an out-of-the-box experience that would not only wow tech-savvy Austin locals, but also place the new “Order Food” feature top-of-mind above other food delivery platforms.

The solution: ProjectionMan Teams!  National Experiential ProjectionMan teams were deployed over the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas weekend, when appetites are growing and homecoming weekend sees and influx of visitors to the Austin, Texas market. The University of Texas campus and vibrant nightlife scene, while full of ideal demographics, can be hard to reach through traditional advertising.  ProjectionMan teams are 100% mobile and were able to go to where traffic was highest and spread awareness where traditional marketing reach would see obstacles.

Consumers are always captivated by ProjectionMan, a great first-encounter icebreaker, and leads to memorable engagement, photo ops, and smiles.  During the weeks of exposure, and thousands of interactions, locals we’re checking out the new Facebook feature right from the streets! Consumers whom had interacted with ProjectionMan not only voiced a strong allegiance to Facebook; but also the desire to use the new Facebook “Order Food” feature immediately! “I’m on my way home and going to use it right now to have food waiting for me!”

How can National Experiential put solutions like this to work for you?

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