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Contracted Campaigns


Accross the United States

Special Ops Brand Installer

We are looking for the right teams who are driven, excited by covert missions and enjoy getting the job done quickly and correctly. You are driven by completing the task at hand and executing the project in the right way.

Special Ops Brand Installer
Special Ops Brand Installer


Contracted Campaigns

Accross the United States

About the Job

Detailed oriented with confidence and can follow specific instructions and plans. Adhere to targeted list of locations and layouts that are hand picked based on specific criteria. This role is meant for a strong independent team player that likes to get in, get out and get paid for a job well done!


  • Responsible for receiving company collateral, taking inventory and processing proper layouts of collateral.
  • Understand preplanned layouts of art for specific public targeted installations.
  • Orchestrating a tactical plan to execute displaying high end art in a covert style.
  • Have a basic understanding of your local community terrain and architecture. Familiar with maps and major street locations
  • Knowledge of smartphone photography/ videography is a must.
  • End goal is to execute installing all sets of displays at specific locations with photos and video of the finished art display.

Competencies – Must Haves

  • Hustler-resourceful, goal orientated, go getter, bold, time efficient
  • Solid work ethic-hard working, inner driven to hit targets, get in - get out - get paid for execution.
  • Navigating changes and shifts in planning in the right way.
  • Problem solver/good with ambiguity and understand gorilla style objectives
  • Able to communicate with the team via Slack platform, text, phone calls and email.

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