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Laser Projections enable advertisers to target a multitude of high traffic and hard to reach areas within a market, then transform any building or wall surface into a spectacular outdoor display of static and animated brand messaging that stops consumers in their tracks while compelling them to engage, react, and share.

National Experiential’s Laser Projection platform is designed for the addition of audio integration, interactive technology, augmented reality, and so much more. We are best known as the first company that deployed Laser Projections in guerilla environments.


Iconic Guerilla Laser Projections take projection to a higher level, literally and figuratively. Larger iconic buildings that were previously difficult to hit with just one projector are now within advertisers reach! 

National Experiential deploys the largest and most powerful Laser Projectors suitable for outdoor activations. These Laser Projectors provide larger, more immersive visual images. Lasers only create the exact colors needed thus creating more light for each color, that efficiency is what makes Laser Projections brighter and more visible from greater distances These spectacular laser projections in unexpected places are dynamic and emotionally compelling. Consumers immediately reach for their smartphones, snap pictures, take videos, and share what they see on social media.

Our high-powered laser projectors, enable us to get up on most iconic structures in all major markets. There are some restrictions due to homeland security, physical feasibility, and safety concerns, however, most iconic locations have been Projected On without issue.


The Sky Is Our Canvas this innovative technology makes it possible to show video, 3D animations, graphics & animated text in the sky!!


We are no longer limited by weather conditions to create these amazing Laser Projections.  An “invisible” screen Is Created in the sky by our teams using cranes, rigging & high-powered projectors.  We map our images to the screen to create the illusion that we are projecting directly onto the clouds. 


Due to its size & scale content is visible from a distance at many angles for people on the ground.


These tremendous sized laser projections deliver a monumental feel to standard sized laser projections by utilizing multiple higher-powered projection gear.  A large and sometimes iconic building is the canvas for this larger-than-life activation event that is sure to draw a crowd in any and every market.


Static billboards come to life.  During the day these painted, or vinyl installations are nothing more than a sign. When the sun goes down, National Experiential brings the Billboards to life by projecting 2D & 3D full motion or static illuminated content directly onto the Billboards. Billboard Mapping allows advertisers to excite consumers and freshen up brand messaging nightly. 

3D Video Mapping

3D Video Mapping is an astonishing projection technology that allows advertisers to create a dynamic canvas out of any surface. Using specialized software, a two- or three-dimensional object is spatially mapped out in a virtual environment. The projection content is commonly combined with or triggered by audio to create an audio-visual narrative.


Velocity Projections transform entire markets into one huge advertising canvas. This breakthrough fusion of laser technology and automotive ingenuity allows for complete market saturation in areas of high-footfall and vehicular traffic.  Nightlife Areas come alive the minute our velocity teams roll through.

The animation, combined with motion, and appearance are solely dictated by the speed of the vehicle, with no human interface whatsoever. This allows for a variety of organic and visually captivating moments on all types of iconic and highly trafficked structures.


Elevate your brand presence with Augmented Reality Laser Projections! In this realm, the physical and digital worlds blend to create one engaging environment, crafting an extraordinarily interactive brand experience.

Our AR Laser Projections invite consumers to engage directly with your brand in a heightened sensory landscape. The enhanced engagement fosters strong consumer retention and piques the curiosity of new potential customers.

This immersive technology not only bolsters brand recognition but also propels sales. Experience the transformative power of augmented reality as it brings your brand into a vibrant new dimension.

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