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In 2020 we all became part of a new culture, that culture is the Work From Home or Remote Work Space Culture. To be a successful remote work warrior, there are a few things that are extremely critical for one’s sanity & success. First, you need a clean & organized work space. Two you must have a good coffee maker ready to go with all your favorite coffees, Three a readily accessible & full refrigerator with food, snaks & perhaps an adult beverage supply. Finally & most importantly you need a good variety of commercial free music. This is where we come in. National Experiential Radio is your free music source. Today’s hottest hits, 80’s, 90’s 2000’s as well as Classic Rock, Punk, Disco, Dance & So Much More. The variety is incredible.   

Please note all songs are unedited, so if there are profanities in a song we did not edit them as we do not have the right to censor any artist's work. Currently, the playlists are curated by the members of our team. We hope that we can include playlists and requests from you! Contact us below to get a playlist in!


Thank you again for logging in and listening to National Experiential Radio.