National Experiential is your go-to vendor for implementing creative, original, and viable marketing concepts that are sometimes not exactly 100% sanctioned by target municipalities.  We are the invisible influencer, the rogue agents that deliver when and where others cannot.  
Our strategies and tactics are engaging and fun.  We are the brand activation vendor that works with clients to build and maintain their “coolness” with consumers by utilizing the element of surprise.  We dominate the streets with activations that deliver high impact brand messaging.


You can hit almost any location with this projection activation. Eye-catching street-level engagement that immediately gets attention.

ProjectionMan Projection Teams provide many of the benefits of Laser Projections with the ability to go directly to where the people are to be face to face with them for the ultimate experience.

This is a consumer-facing activation. The team of four is equipped with Digital HD Projectors on the front built for the streets, and a digital screen on the back that can run the same or additional imagery. Each team member can project on walls, sidewalks, ceilings, and any other viable surface. This is the ultimate go-anywhere projection campaign.


National Experiential’s Live Billboards offer advertisers the best of all worlds.  Large Illuminated Street Level Billboard Advertising and the interactivity of a living breathing Brand Ambassador.  


Live Billboards are the ultimate street-level ambassadors for your brand, you can walk your advertisement directly to potential customers in densely populated areas, such as busy streets, university/college campuses, events, and anywhere other types of advertising might not be available.


This cost-effective tactic effectively reaches your target audience by displaying your message above the crowd as well as from within the crowd. Our .backlit billboards are especially effective for evening events and in entertainment districts. Brand ambassadors can use sampling, giveaways, games, and tablets to create memorable connections to your brand simultaneously.

Our Live Billboards cannot be ignored, there is no off-switch or block button! meaning your message will be delivered more effectively and right on time.


Wrapped vehicles are a great way to engage consumers in areas that are difficult to reach or where traditional outdoor advertising is unavailable. National Experiential can wrap anything from a smart car to a cement truck and everything in between!

​From concept to completion, our mobile marketing and branded tour team creates and develops campaigns that bring your brand message directly to where your target consumers are. We handle custom production, scheduling, staffing, and routing.


National Experiential is ready to deploy high volumes of trained, brand relevant talent across the US and Canada. We can mobilize Brand Ambassador Teams and managers at a moment’s notice for one day or multiple day events. We thoroughly vet reliable, talented, passionate individuals that embody the true essence of your brand. We account for demographics, geography, psychographics, lifestyle, appearance, and personality.

Teams can be used for a variety of activations, from product demos, mobile tours, trade shows, street-level distribution, nightlife engagement, and promotional sampling. We provide Brand Ambassadors, Tour Managers as well as Labor, Bilingual, Retail, and Demo Staff.


There's a world of opportunity beneath your consumers' feet, just waiting to be utilized to deliver your brand message! Sidewalk chalk advertising is one of our specialties. We transform daily pathways and walkways into spectacular temporary outdoor displays that immediately catch consumers off guard and are immediately seen!

Sidewalk Chalk Advertising places your branded message and images in high traffic locations. These installations can be in multiple colors and can range in size from 2’ x 2’- 4’ x 5’. National Experiential artists only use hand chalk and do not use spray chalk as that is not environmentally friendly.

Clean Graffiti is also an environmentally friendly, low-cost, high-impact advertising solution that depending on location can reach hundreds of thousands of people a day. These installations range in size from 4’ x 4’- 4’ x 5’ and sometimes larger. National Experiential artists use no chemicals or harmful substances during this process, we use pressurized water.


National Experiential is your go-to authority for virtual reality and augmented reality activations. These are two very different cutting-edge technologies that have changed the world!

​Augmented reality overlays virtual 3D graphics onto our real world, augmenting the way we see our everyday life and bringing us more information.

Virtual reality, however, immerses us in totally new, synthetic worlds with 360-degree views. The latest technologies fused with elements of the physical world deliver transformative consumer experiences. Break the internet with never been done before Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality activations.