National Experiential offers world-class mobile digital signage on-the-go. Our Digital Mobile Billboards put advertisers in the driver’s seat when they need impact and flexibility within a market. Our premier digital displays put your advertising message face to face with consumers utilizing high resolution LED screens. Geo-target specific areas or neighborhoods, update your messaging in real-time as often as you like. These Digital Trucks are great for market saturation initiatives or large-scale events.

Our Displays Outshine similar vehicles as we deploy vehicles that are brighter than any other mobile billboard advertising display on the market.

We also deploy billboard trucks equipped with Tri-Fold hinges, giving the three independent screens the ability to transform into a single, seamless 40-foot Ultra-widescreen HD Panoramic Display! The screens are on a 12 Foot hydraulic lift to raise your content to greater heights so your audience can’t miss your brand.


Reaching the City of New York Employees was Emblem Health's goal to drive awareness and interest for their special eligibility plans. National Experiential gave them exactly what they needed with our fleet of digital LED trucks.  

We provided dominant custom routing that ensured Emblem Health reached their intended audience across all five boroughs. The trucks were deployed during different work shifts for maximum exposure that captured the target demographic at precisely the right times.


Walking Dead:  Halloween In New York City Was A Prime Opportunity For The Walking Dead To Infiltrate The World Famous Village Halloween Parade. 

People Stopped, Stared & Took Pictures Of This Super Bright Digital Truck, Tons of Impressions and social media sharing was the order of the day as National Experiential lit up the night for AMC's  Top Rated Television Program.


Get Moving! Drive massive exposure and high-impact impressions at the street-level with Digital Mobile LED Billboard advertisements. Exceptional for building brand awareness and recognition, our Trucks reach audiences missed by traditional broadcast and print media during both day & night!


National Experiential Hit The Streets To Spread The Message Of Unity, Equality, and Love at a time when the world needed it most.   We partnered with our friends at Outfront Media to bring a positive message to the people at a time when positivity was needed most.


The March In Washington Was Uber's Time To Shine.  National Experiential Provided The Light by deploying a fleet of LED Trucks during the march.  Tons of impressions were generated and people took this opportunity to share the Uber messaging on social media platforms.  Custom routing ensured that all key areas of the market were covered.


National Experiential was all systems go for the IPO launch of Rocket Mortgage & The Rocket Companies! We live-streamed the countdown to the opening bell on Wall Street and it was a blast off heard across multiple markets. Our team handled all of the content from creation to Live Broadcast! The stock opened At 21 and soared to over 29 in less than a month.