Adidas Ultraboost Projections

Rule the Night in Any Market

Adidas is on the rise to become the number one brand for athletic apparel in their market. When Adidas wanted to promote their new women’s Ultraboost X sneaker as the premier running shoe for women, they wanted an effective way to reach an audience with a compelling video spot.   

Laser Power, Monumental Scale

There is no film franchise bigger than Universal Pictures blockbuster Jurassic World. It’s hard to believe that 25 years ago audiences held their breath with the first look at an enormous T-Rex on screen in Jurassic Park.

Create Sharable Moments

Netflix wanted something special for the season two premiere of their Netflix Original series Marco Polo and approached National Experiential with inspired vision. 

Fabrications Transform Any Event

TruTv’s: The Chris Gethard Show, approached National Experiential looking for a unique and creative way to increase brand awareness and broaden viewership.

Captivate Audiences!

Universal Pictures approached National Experiential with a fairly simple task: fabricate an immersive experience teaser for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie The Mummy. 

Turnkey Tour Management

Abrams Books and author, Jeff Kinney, called on National Experiential to design, fabricate and manage interactive, cross-country experiential tour for the publisher’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid titles. 

Stand Out in the Crowd

Miller Lite came to National Experiential for solutions in a space where it seemed there were none. 

Interactivity on Blast

Volkswagen of America needed to secure a projection location in New York City for 15 consecutive nights during the New York International Auto Show. 

Mobile Media on Demand

Facebook was announcing a new product feature: “Order Food”  and presented National Experiential with a challenge; engage the Austin Facebook community in conversation and demo the  “Order Food” feature, build media interactions, and gather user insights surrounding the launch.

Larger Than Life Experiences

To kick-off the Kleenex brand’s 90th anniversary, National Experiential developed a campaign to refresh a well known household brand, creating a custom experiential event, complete with a massive 12’x12’ LED display, interactive kiosks, all driven by brand ambassador teams.

Make Lasting Memories

The REI brand is an outdoor lifestyle brand with a trusted reputation for environmental stewardship and track record for giving back to communities. National Experiential became the trusted vendor REI turned to extend their mission and oversee the activations over land, waves, and open sky.

Expect the Unexpected

Red Bull is always on the cutting edge of out-of the box, next level experiences, keeping their brand top of mind.  With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, the Red Bull brand wanted to reach audiences in a Brooklyn New York nightclub district in a fun, unexpected way.  

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